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KBUY 105.9 FM

KBUY 1360 AM / 105.9 FM

KBUY is Ruidoso's Classic Hit station featuring a contemporary version of the oldies format. Playing the greatest rock & roll hits from the mid to late 60's, 70's, and the early to mid 80's. KBUY Classic Hits feature core artists like Elton John, Rod Stewart, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Hall & Oates, and The Rolling Stones - to name a few.

Tune in to KBUY and wake up to the great classic hits, local news with Tim Keithley, as well as weather updates three times per hour.
Every Monday morning is "Sugar Rush Mondays", when we deliver to the winning business fresh delicious doughnuts from Albertson's Bakery and piping hot coffee from Starbucks- All sponsored by the Lighthouse Church. To win, just text the word "Sugar" to 258-2222.
Every Wednesday is "Subway Hump Day", where we deliver to your business a platter of delicious Subway sandwiches. To win this great prize just text the word "Subway" to 258-2222.
Every Friday is "TGIF Office Pizza Party", and once again we'll deliver 2 large Pizza Hut Pizza's of your choice to your business! Simply text "Pizza" to 258-2222.
You can also message us on Facebook to win any one of these great prizes.
Walton Stations Of New Mexico Inc
Walton Stations Of New Mexico Inc
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